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                      Six Good Reasons Why You Should Chose Brad as Your Coach.

1. I have 30 plus years experience in the personal training, athletic coaching, and weight management arena.  I have seen trends cycle through several times and many fads come and go.  I have held on the the few good methodologies that have proven their worth over time.

2. I am constantly staying abreast of the very latest research not only in physical performance, nutrition, and health in general, but also in the related fields of social science, psychology, and even neurology, applying lesson there to improving health and performance.  I am leveraging far more knowledge and information  than just  what comes out of a Personal Training certification program.

 3. As a member of Mensa, I have the native intelligence to analyze new research, understand the methodologies used, and separate the "wheat from chaff," ensuring the you are being provided and working with valid, proven techniques and information.

4. As a former Senior Government Manager and College an High School teacher, I have  developed superior listening and questioning skills enabling me to  get to the root of your situation, your true unspoken goals, your strengths and areas needing improvements.   This results in each program or consultation being targeted specifically to you and your unique situation. There is no "cookie cutter" with me.

5. With a Bachelors Degree in Education  and extensive teaching experience, I am able to transfer knowledge and apply lessons optimally to you and your preferred learning style.

6. Most importantly, as competitive athlete myself and I am a living experiment, demonstrating on myself what does and doesn’t work and extending that knowledge to you. 

Don’t settle for less.