​​I have been competing in and training for various sports for as long as I can remember and, at over 60 years old, I'm still getting better in many areas. I have been leading multi-hundred person organizations for over 20 years and have a track record of successful serial entrepreneurship within the Federal Government, having conceptualized and grown the equivalent of 5 start-ups, and I have been a winning competitive public speaker and "Corporate" briefer.

I have been coaching and training others for 35 years and I’ve discovered techniques and developed an overarching methodology that can make life long fitness, optimal health, fulfilling relationships, and unbeatable executive performance a goal that anyone and everyone can achieve.

With a Bachelors in Education, I can explain and tailor your training and  coaching  to match your own unique learning preferences and with a Masters in Political Philosophy and Theory I can help you understand how your organization or family "ticks."  As a member of Mensa, I have the ability to help you separate valuable information from hype and popular myth.

Sports Performance and Fitness

  • NGA Pro Bodybuilderwith multiple class wins
  • Competitive Freestyle Snowboarder with multiple age-group wins
  • Established the women's weight training program at the Bowling Green State University Student Recreation  Center
  • 35 years experience as a coach, personal trainer and weight management consultant
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trained


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Executive Management

  • Serial Entrepreneur  within the Federal Government (5 Start-up equivalents)
  • Adjunct Faculty at the National Cryptologic School teaching both Total Quality Management and Business Process Reengineering
  • Malcom Baldrige Quality Award Evaluator
  • Master of Arts in Political Philosophy/Theory
  • Member of American Mensa
  • Award winning competitive speaker and Corporate briefer