What ProCoach clients have said:  

  • "I’m finding this very effective. I can actually feel it changing my mindset day to day."
  • "I feel like I'm being led in the right direction, at the right pace." 
  • "Daily actions and tracking make a huge difference, and keep me thinking about the small changes I can make." 
  • "You are teaching us maintenance habits FIRST. Since we've all tried about 1,000 diets, this is so refreshing and powerful."

A habit-based program, such as ProCoach focuses on repeating small, short-term daily actions to work towards a long-term goal. We define a "habit" as a small task to complete that forms part of a larger, strategic set of actions. By doing these habits daily (or as often as possible), clients practice changing. They act themselves into change, rather than just imagining or wanting change. They also practice change itself - having the experience of trying something different.

The ProCoach curriculum starts with an end goal and then works backward to ask:

  •  What behaviors will lead to that goal?
  • How can we break that goal into smaller, simpler pieces?
  • Those smaller, simpler pieces - small enough that most take only 5-10 minutes a day - are habits.
  • These carefully organized habits make up the “core” of the PN Coaching curriculum.
  • Every day, clients see a new “habit card” on their “Today” page.

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